¦ Born in Scotland and living in England.¦
¦I get lonely Alot, and so message me and we can chat :3 ¦
¦Diagnosed Physcopathic, suffer from extreme depression, and have broken or fractured every bone in my body.¦

¦But who cares? I'm still alive¦
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So you want my depression story?
You expect it to be how I conquered my depression, and came out the other side a better man…
Fuck. That.
Fuck you.
Fuck life.
Fuck my worthless existence.
Depression isnt just something that you feel when your sad…
You can be happy, then BAM depression comes along and knocks you down…
And im fucking tired of getting back up…
So this isnt my depression story.
This is the story of how I finally gave in.

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